Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Final pre-storm snow-cast

Thanks to all the readers the last few days. My blog has went off the chart with views. I especially want to thank you for my crude graphics and typos the last several entries since they were all done from phone(forgot my laptop while I was out of town).

So the image below is my final thoughts before the snow arrives. The storm has bounced around a lot on every model but there is finally some agreeing. I would not be surprised with Blizzard Warnings for parts of Ohio, but they have yet to be issued. I think the one thing we will be missing is 35+ mph wing gusts for three hours. Southern Ohio will get a decent amount of ice and then some snow and where the ice line ends and just north...get ready for some insane snow. I would avoid driving tomorrow if you can. The precip will start near daybreak an fall heavily through the afternoon. I will be tracking it ALL morning on-air at work so be sure to watch ABC6 on TV or steaming online for all of the latest. Stay safe, Merry Christmas, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Once again, great blog.
    Question: at this point some of the outlets (intellicast,weather.com) still seem to be saying 2 inches of snow then ice / rain. The local guys seem to be thinking all snow with higher amounts (Columbus Metro)
    What causes the difference in forecast ? Do they update slowly, or lean on different models?

    1. I think they are thinking the snow/ice line will be further north. They were lingering with the older forecast models. So slower updates. I normally post updates as soon as the models are in... they have to wait for all the production, etc because some of it is not LIVE.

      Thanks for the follow!


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