Friday, December 28, 2012

In-depth look at tonight's snow

The National Weather Service has now issued a Winter Weather Advisory for tonight's snow.  We are right on the cusp of weather it would be an advisory or not.  It is definitely less snow than what we saw two days ago, but still enough for some problems.  The above image shows between 2-3 inches for areas between Cincinnati, to Columbus to Youngstown.
This image shows a little more.  It shows a decent swath of 4-6" along the same track from Dayton/Cincy to Columbus to Youngstown.  The both agree on the streak of the heaviest snow and are close enough for the snowfall totals.  

My thoughts are that along the heaviest snow bands we could see 2-3" with isolated places seeing the 4" or slightly more.  For areas on the fridge, such as Lima to Cleveland and Ripley to Athens... I think 1-2" is easily possible.  Then the snow totals get higher heading toward the middle of the state.  The areas near the Ohio River could, again, see a little of the wintry mix, so watch out for a little icing.

I was calling for 1-2+" for the system yesterday and was waiting for the models today to bump up the middle ground of the state.  The snow will start around midnight tonight or a little earlier to the far south and west part of Ohio.  It will continue through about 10AM then lighter snow showers from time to time on Saturday. 

We then dry out for a few days then another similar round of snow for New Year's Eve night and that looks to be slightly more potent... I will keep a close eye on it.

For everyone who has followed my blog for the last several years, HUGE thanks!  And for everyone who "Liked" my original Facebook page (imaged below) another HUGE thanks.
However I think you can agree.... Getting the same post from two pages can get annoying... SO, I am getting rid of my old page and putting all posts on my work page:
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I will have another blog entry coming up tonight with any subtle changes to the snow for tonight, but I think this system is a LOT more stable and less movement.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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