Friday, December 28, 2012

Tonight's snow and more next week.

Snow showers developing around midnight tonight and continue heavy at times through mid-morning on Saturday. A few lingering light snow showers through the afternoon on Saturday.

Expecting between 2"-4"+ for most of Ohio with slightly lower amounts to the far north and far south, 1"-3". Areas near the Ohio River could see a brief wintry mix near daybreak, which would lead to the lower amounts of snowfall. Staying cold with a little more sunshine on Sunday and then another chance for a decent snowfall later New Years Eve into New Years Day, next week. We could see another 2-4+" next week, but it still early, so stay tuned... Next week's system has stayed fairly consistent, but recently has started to show a little strengthening.

A little bonus information for you.... By this time next week Columbus should have broken the seasonal snowfall totals compared to last year. Dayton will likely break last year's total by tomorrow morning. As far as temperatures, we will be staying cold through the end of next week so the snow will not be melting anytime soon. Yay for local skiers! In other awesome news... tomorrow will be my first weekend day off of work since August. I am pretty stoked and will be visiting the family farm part of the day. Drive safe Saturday and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Is it just me, or does the radar seem to indicate some of the heavier may sneak a bit farther north than originally expected ?

    1. The stuff north will hit a little drier air. The real moisture with these systems is right near the snow/ice line. I think it will be a good "blanketing" snow where most of us all see the same amount. It all comes down to now-casting the heavier bands.

  2. Cool. Thanks man. I check your blog religiously.
    I have always been a weather nut. This thing helps me out a lot!


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