Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warm temps, hot grills

I know I am not alone, but with the warm weather... I was compelled to fire up the grill. I threw on two steaks from my parents farm... DELICIOUS! I forgot we were out of lighter fluid so I ran down the street to Kroger and ran into my cousin who was getting things to grill out hamburgers and hot dogs as well. The smell of grills filled the air last night. If you weren't able to light the coals... don't worry you will get another chance today. I won't be grilling out today (I am planning on making chicken salad), but I will be outside ALL day. That is, after I take off the insulation on the windows to air out the house with open windows. I am going to go for a run then work on my mopeds to get them ready for the road.... SO close to finishing them. I can't wait to do a little photo-shoot with both of my bikes. I hope to rebuild both motors today.

As I said, today is looking fantastic, high of 76 with plenty of sunshine. We should normally be at a high of 49 this time of year, so WELL above normal. Starting tomorrow, through the weekend, we could have a pop-up shower or rumble of thunder but most of the area will be staying dry through most of the day, if not staying dry the entire day. The "best" chance for rain would be Thursday and Friday, but that still is marginal. We will stay in the mid 70's all week and even get into the upper 70's early next week...just in time for spring to arrive on Tuesday. So mild temps and only a slight chance for rain popping up the coming days. Enjoy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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