Friday, March 23, 2012

Pulling an all-nighter...

To say my sleeping habit has been regular with this job is like saying humans have landed on Mars. I go to bed so early to wake up at 1:15AM, then on the weekend try to switch back to a "normal" schedule because no one wants to get up with me at 3AM after "sleeping in." So anyway I thought I would try something new... sleep during the day and then just stay up in the evening and at night before I get ready for work... so kinda make it a second shift feel. I guess the real problem is that I want to spend the evenings with my wife, so I am just experimenting. I got about 4.5 hours of sleep yesterday afternoon (a typical weeknight's sleep), watched the Buckeyes destroy UC to make the Elite Eight, did some midnight chores around the house, and now I am at work. I hit a pretty hard wall around 2AM, but now that I am in the morning shows, drinking coffee, doing sudoku, tracking rain, blogging... I am trucking along pretty well. I am not sure how I feel about sleeping away beautiful spring days, but I really would enjoy waking up naturally, instead of my seven, yes 7, alarms.

As mentioned, I am tracking rain showers this morning and we could see a few strong to severe thunderstorms later today. There is only a slight chance to see hail or strong winds with the storms, but the rest of the weekend will be quieter. Saturday will have a few scattered showers and maybe a rumble of thunder or two, but rain will be leaving on Sunday. An isolated rain shower or two Sunday; most of the day should remain dry. Temperatures will be in the mid 60's through the weekend and then we finally dry out and warm up a little heading into early next week. So keep the umbrella handy this weekend and I will see you back here soon. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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