Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kittens and sand

The allergy report has very little pollen, but whatever is out there, it is REALLY bothering me. It feels like cats are angrily scratching at my eyes while a bucket of sand is being poured into them. I just want to put a cube of ice on my eye lids then duct tape my eyes shut. Soooo irritated. I think this year may be my first year visiting an allergist because if this is only the start of March, it really shows that my body will not be able to handle early mornings and allergies like this. I normally get mild allergies, especially the start of spring, but this is the worst so far.

I am hoping that rain tomorrow will help with my allergies, but today the dry and windy conditions will not help. We will get into the mid 60's today with a mix of sun and clouds. Rain arrives just before daybreak tomorrow and rain showers will stick around for mainly the first half of the day. We could have a few rumbles of thunder, but nothing severe expected. We will cool off a little, 57 tomorrow, 50 Friday, then start a warming trend slowly...52 Saturday, and then mid to upper 50's next week. We will stay dry until later Sunday when rain rolls back into the area for early next week. Enjoy the dry warm weather, or if you are like me...look forward to the rain to knock some of this pollen down. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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