Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sounding like a broken record for broken records

The last five days have been crazily warm for this time of year. We tied the record Saturday and the last three days we have broken the record high temperature. Today we are forecasted five degrees above the record... but things finally will cool down heading into the weekend, instead of 30+ degrees above normal. So if you want to enjoy the record breaking warm temps, get out there before it cools down.

I got my final part in to assemble my moped motors yesterday. The inner diameter of the shim I needed was 17mm, but I took a 16 mm and slowly filed out 0.5 mm all the way around. Looks great and fits perfectly now. If I have some spare time today I should be able to completely assemble both motors and even mount them to the bikes. The only final step is wiring and a few I am in the final stretch. The die I ordered to cut deeper threads on the axles is somehow lost by USPS. It has been two weeks since shipped, but no least the eBay seller is checking into it. I am going back to the farm later today so I don't know how much time I will have to finish up the bikes.

Well, as mentioned, one more day with record breaking temps. We will stay dry today, but a few spotty showers or storm possible later tomorrow. The best chance for rain will be Friday and Saturday with scattered storms as the cold front moves through. Our high temps will go from the mid-lower 80's down to the mid-lower 60's for the weekend. We will dry out for the start of next week with temps trying to get back into the 70's, but these summer-like temps are not expected to return for a while. So if you need to mow the will be a great day for it. I had to mow yesterday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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