Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big changes for your Dayton Allergy Report

Yesterday in my blog I mentioned how my allergies were WAY out of control for the first day this year(I get horrible allergies the beginning of spring allergy season). I did an allergy report yesterday and there were only 9 tree pollen spores on the allergy report, no big deal right?! The way it works is that the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency has a sensor that collects spores for 24 hours and they get their readings about 9AM every single day. So the allergy report for yesterday, Wednesday, was actually from Tuesday. Well today's report.... 842 tree pollen spores, which registers in the "High" category. The dry and windy conditions really kicked up the tree pollen...and the above normal temperatures helped it as well. Now I don't feel as weird for having all my issues yesterday. So if you are feeling the affects, I am right there with you.

On a side note, Buckeye gets his stitches out today. The eight inch suture has healed up really well, but the bottom is not as completely healed because he irritates the area due to moving around a lot still, but the top majority of it looks great. I hope the vet gives him the "all clear" and we are good to go. I need to find out what we can do with him because he will probably need to go to the kennel this weekend while we are at a wedding in Cleveland.

Rain is moving into the area this morning. A cold front in Illinois will move through around midday and that's what is triggering some of these rain showers and maybe a rumble of thunder or two around noon as the front moves through, but no severe weather expected. The rain will mainly be here for the morning, afternoon will begin to dry out. We are in the upper 50's right now, but temps will fall into the afternoon. Tomorrow will slowly clear and will be a little cooler, but seasonal with a high of 45. We will see plenty of sunshine on Saturday as temperatures warm up to 50, then more clouds by Sunday with a high in the upper 50's. Rain will be arriving later Sunday and showers lingering through Monday and Tuesday. The temperatures will continue to warm into the mid 60's by the middle of next week...and right now St. Patty's Day, next Saturday, is looking very warm. Grab the umbrella and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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