Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring garage cleaning

Yesterday I took both bikes of their stands and brought them outside so I could clean out the garage and reorganize it for Moped Monday next week since I am hosting. This is the first chance I have had to get both mopeds next to each other and I really do love them. They are very catchy and this picture does not do justice, especially the white and blue Maxi. The k10 forks with disc brakes worked out well, although I did have to put in new bearings in the Maxi because when I put on the threaded top it went a little sideways and pulled the bearings apart in their housing, but is all good now. (Luckily I had a new set laying around) I did seal up both of the motors yesterday, but I need to track down a spacer washer for one and install the new MLM clutch braces before they are ready to get bolted back up to the frames. I am hoping in a week or so I will be good to go. Most of the assembly is finished, just need to finish and bolt on the motors, redo the wiring, and then tune the carburetors(which should be easy since the 19PHBG is already tuned and then running a 15 Bing on the Polini... so only one jet.)I cleaned the garage in record time because of staying at work an extra three hours for severe weather. We had a few severe thunderstorms early then also late yesterday when Jeff Booth was working. I finally gave Buckeye a bath yesterday now that his sutures have healed up nicely. He really needed it, but we had to wait a while. I took off the winter window insulation and opened the windows to the house and it is SO nice having fresh air inside the house. We did have a thunderstorm come through last night with a little hail and it was nice to finally welcome spring back... windows open, thunderstorms with hail, bathed Buckeye, clean garage, overtime... yea, a pretty awesome Thursday.

The spotty showers and storms will be sticking around the next few days. There is no big weather maker moving through to kick this out of here, so warm and spotty storms. Still forecasting a high of 77 tomorrow with a record of 73... so we should break that, with a wee bit o' luck o' the Irish. We dry out later Monday and temps still staying in the upper 70's for next week... so book your tee time for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Enjoy your weekend, have a safe St. Patty's Day, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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