Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big day for me

Today will be a first for me. I have owned a couple of vehicles...but I didn't OWN them. I had a few vehicles, but I never have been without a car payment and today I will pay my last truck payment. I am so excited. I had an Impala through college that I loved, but I was juuuust short of paying it off when a semi hit me and totaled it. I went back through my blog and looked for photos of times my truck made my blog. There was quite a few...from visiting the family on the farm, to cramming five mopeds in the bed of my truck with the tailgate up, and occasionally getting a mention for the road conditions.
The truck has been on countless journeys over the last couple of years from the frozen tundra of Western Dayton, haha, to Bombourbon Run moped rally as a chase vehicle (driven by my friend while I rode the 120 miles on a moped)
Of course with all triumphs comes tribulation. My truck has had its fair share of set-backs. From knocking out a deer in Pennsylvania that jumped the railing...to getting its maintenance, both in my driveway and suspended in the air for the big issues. But today I will have the free feeling of no more truck payments...which will allow me to tackle my student loans a lot faster.

Well you couldn't ask for better weather for the last seven days of winter for Ohio. Meghan Mongillo gave the approval for no jacket today for the first time this year. Highs will be in the low to mid 70's all the way until at least next Tuesday with spring arrives. We could see a few isolated showers/storms late Thursday, Friday, and a smaller chance for Saturday and Sunday. St. Patrick's Day on Saturday is looking great with a high of 73 (record high of 73 for Dayton, OH) and just a 30% chance for rain. Hopefully you can get out there and enjoy the GREAT weather. Maybe head down to UD Arena today, after all, if President Obama is coming to town for the First Four...you know it should be a good time. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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