Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back on the farm

Yesterday was another warm, wonderful day. We ended up reaching the high of 86 which shattered the old record of 78. There was plenty of sunshine, but as the sun was setting there was a sign on the horizon, well in the distance, of what is on its way... storms. I did manage to rebuild my Polini motor for the Puch Maxi yesterday. I would have done the Metrakit, but I ran out of time because Dawn and I went back to my parent's farm for dinner. We have not been back there in a while so it was good to catch up. My sister is working on repainting one of the bedrooms walls. I am very jealous of her artistic talent. She is still in the sketching stage, but the Disney princesses look amazing...especially for a high school student. I knew she could paint, but the raw sketches on the
Well today is looking like our last great day before cooler temperatures and rain return. I am super tired this morning and I can't decide what to do... try to sleep during the day so I can stay up and watch the Buckeyes tonight and then come in to work... or soak in the beautiful day and then sleep through the game. Only time will tell. We could see an afternoon rain shower pop-up, but rain likely to hold off until tomorrow with scattered showers and storms. Our temperatures will slowly be cooling as well as the cold front moves through. We will get to 81 today, 73 tomorrow, and then mid 60's for the weekend. The rain will pull out of here through Saturday so hopefully we will dry out by Sunday for at least one day with dry weather for the weekend. Temperatures will slowly rise heading into next week with more sunshine. Enjoy the beautiful weather, Go Bucks, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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