Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shorts to coat in a few days

Our current temperatures across the Miami Valley are dipping just below freezing. When I came into work the temperature was still just above freezing so I did not have to deal with frost, but if you are reading this before leaving the house... be prepared for a little frost in some areas. The good news is that the rest of the week looks to be warmer and this will be the only frosty, freezing morning. I wish I would have taken a warmer coat or at least let the truck warm up because it was a very chilly reminder that Ohio always has surprises. Hard to believe that I was wearing shorts just two days ago.
I am finishing up my two moped builds and it is just putting the final touches on both bikes. My Puch Maxi is 99.5% done. I just need to add oil to the gearbox and mount my license plate bracket. Magnum needs the motor mounted and electrical hooked up... which should take an hour or so. I have been trying to get by in the past without the small tools helping to make life easier. Well since I am doing things properly I did buy a few important tools to help. My favorite new tools are taps and dies. I love threading everything now. The rear axles were longer than needed, but the threading was not enough...so, cut more threads. With the added threaded space on the axles I can mount my license plates on there. BUT, I don't have a backet. Well I didn't. So I took some angle iron, drilled a hole for the axle then two more holes for the license plates to bolt on. Instead of drilling a hole for a bolt and nut, I threaded the bolt holes so that way I just wrench down on the angle iron... how about that?! I hope to have both bikes done today, with new plates. Then I want to get a few pictures of both of them before they get dirty... then ride them all around town. So stay tuned for photos coming later this week with a long blog entry about my builds. So excited.

Cold this morning. That sums up what you will notice today. The afternoon we will get a little warmer than yesterday with a high of 60 today and a few afternoon clouds. Scattered showers and storms overnight into tomorrow morning. The rain will pull out of here pretty quickly tomorrow and the afternoon will be warm with a high in the low 70's, but still a little cloudy. More sunshine for Thursday(looking like a great photo shoot day), but temps will be a little more mild with only a high of 57. Back up to 64 Friday with increasing clouds and rain Friday night into Saturday. Temps stay in the upper 60's, near 70 as we head into early next week. The rain will move out late Saturday and Sunday looks to clear out... but another cold blast of air looks to return next week so stay tuned for that. Bundle up and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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