Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moped Mondays.....are back!

It has been a long time coming, but with many peoples' projects finishing up, it is time to hit the road and break in those kits, so I hosted our first Moped Monday of the season. Despite Buckeye barking at noises since he can't see, he loves when the mopeds come over. He just chills outside with us and is very content.
We had a pretty good turn-out with at least fifteen people and about nine people with bikes ready for the road. I was one of the few who hung out and did not go riding. I did install my Motion Left Mopeds clutch braces yesterday. Using a drill press is the only way to properly install these.
At first, I tried using the Briton Bees jig and hand drill, but it was pretty clear I needed to stop before I really screwed something up. Not only does the drill press make drilling the new holes easier and accurate, but tapping for the M4X0.7mm screws needs to be precise. By putting the tap in the press you can guarantee that the tap will go in straight. I also tried doing this without the press at first... but stopped before I screwed something up and I ended up with a nice paper weight. Big thanks to MLM and 1977 Mopeds. I really enjoyed assembling these and would love to do that as a part time job.

Well the weather was fantastic for Moped Monday with a record high of 81. Today we look to break the record with a high of 82 and then expecting 83 tomorrow. High pressure is keeping us dry for the meantime, but a strong, slow cold front is pushing toward the Midwest. We could see a late-day shower or storm Thursday with temperatures in the upper 70's. Mid 60's for highs heading into the weekend with the cold front and storms moving through Friday into Saturday. We will dry out by Sunday so hopefully my moped will be ready to ride by next Monday. Enjoy the warmth and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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