Thursday, March 15, 2012

I wish I was out on the open road....

I spent the beautiful day yesterday doing more assembly on my moped. The bike is coming along, but still not quite ready for the road. I still need to put the e50 motors back together, but I realized the Metrakit engine (Puch Magnum) was missing a shim and circlip on the crankshaft...apparently the last person who rebuilt the motor found it unnecessary. I need to track down the proper parts for that because I want to make sure the bikes are going to last and not thrown together just to get them on the road. Anyway I did a little more work on the Maxi and the picture doesn't do the colors justice... I need to get them finished for a little photo op, but I am happy with the progress. I also added the seat and rack since this photo.

The warm weather will continue. We are expected to top out in the upper 70's for the next seven days, BUT in a couple weeks we could be wishing we had these 70's because we may see another cold snap. Let's focus on our weather now... the warm weather will be sticking around and along with that, the chance for rain. We could see spotty showers and storms over the next couple days, but it will not be a wash-out or widespread event. Most of the area will be staying dry most of the time for the days ahead. Our chances for rain will decrease heading into the weekend with only a very little chance for a rain shower, so St. Patty's day will be very nice with a high of 77 and break the record of 73. The best chance for rain on the weekend will be Saturday night into Sunday morning. Temps will climb to near 80 by Tuesday, when Spring arrives, and this "warmth wave" (since heat wave is three or more days breaking 90) looks to be the longest streak of 70+ weather since late August into early September... kinda crazy to think it has been that long since we have been this warm. Anyway, enjoy the warmth, open the windows, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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