Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Terrible Tire Tuesday

The last few days I had been meaning to put air in my rear drivers-side tire. It was looking a little low. I had a large nail in that tire a month ago, but I plugged the hole and it was holding air great. I just figured it was leaking air...well it was...from TWO MORE nails. I am not positive where I am getting all these nails, but I almost think I am getting them on my commute to work. We are located across the street from a construction company and I pass the landfill on my way as well. Either way, I am getting tired of patching my tires only to get more nails. The good news is that I am becoming quite the expert... tire didn't lose any air when I checked it this morning.

Get ready for the heat. Today we will warm into the upper 80's with plenty of sunshine. Sure it will feel hot, but not compared to tomorrow. I am calling for a high of 99 tomorrow with humidity making it feel at least 100 in the afternoon...same for Friday with a high of 97. There is a Heat Advisory issued for Thursday and also a Fire Weather Watch (Red Flag Watch). There will be strong winds out of the southwest for tomorrow. Factor that with VERY dry conditions and we have the perfect recipe for brush fires to spread quickly. Avoid any open flames and if you smoke do not throw your lit butts out the window. Friday through Monday we could see an isolated shower or storm, but it will be hit or miss with the pop-up rain. High temps will stay in the low-mid 90's all the way through the middle of next week, so no relief from the heat. Back to the news...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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