Thursday, June 14, 2012

A day on the boat

With the Reds taking on the Indians there doesn't need to be much more of a reason to head down to Cincinnati. Instead of going to the game, we took Dawn's cousins' boat out on the Ohio River. It is docked just up from Downtown Cincinnati and it was its maiden voyage for the year. Before the game the seven of us rode up the river to Riverbend, but we just missed the Beach Boys by one day. We then went down river and anchored outside Great American Ballpark. BEAUTIFUL evening. It was a late night and I laid down at 12:21AM and my alarms sounded at 1:15AM to get up for work. I did get a few hours of sleep yesterday afternoon and will be taking a nap FOR SURE later today. Fun times and totally worth the lack of sleep.

The beautiful weather will continue today with temps getting a little warmer. We will get into the lower 80's today and then the rest of the seven day forecast is upper 80's and possibly hitting that 90 degree mark. Humidity will also slowly keep pushing in for the next few days with a slight chance for rain Sunday and Monday. The chance for rain the middle of next week is kinda iffy because of the track of the coming systems, but the latest models have us dry for Tuesday and Wednesday. We will see if the models keep with that trend...but I do know it will be HOT! Enjoy the low humidity while it is here and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Oh, yes, being on the river at this time of the year is terrific. It's not too hot and there is such a nice breeze.

    We were just on the Ohio last week, but on a BB Riverboat. We're in Florida now, on the way to a really big boat, er, uh, ship. ;)

    All the best,


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