Friday, June 8, 2012

Ready for the heat?

With the heat and humidity returning today and the weekend I wanted to take advantage of the cool temps and low humidity. The afternoon trio went for a ride again yesterday. We rode around Miamisburg and also on the west side of Dayton. One of my favorite roads to ride is Carillon Blvd. You round the river and downtown is visible in the distance once you pass UD Arena...great view. Pretty fun afternoon for about $1. Luckily it stayed dry for Montgomery County, but there were a few light rain showers off to the north yesterday.

The temps will be climbing this weekend into the upper 80's with the humidity making it feel like the low 90's. Rain will hold off until Monday and that will cool us back off for the middle of next week...back near 80 for the highs. The rain will stick around for Tuesday and early Wednesday possibly before we dry out... so not a horrible forecast... at least you can hit the water this weekend to stay cool.

For all of my very early morning readers... sorry the blog has been coming out about an hour later the last few days. I have been recording my forecast for my CBM Seal...Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal. The forecasts have to be more technical than what I normally would include so I have been focusing on nailing the forecasts and then doing the blog afterward. Back to the swing of things on Monday, but it has inspired me to include a few additional graphics on a more regular basis... maybe just not an entire blast of them. Anyway, just thought I would fill you in. I now send off the forecasts and wait about four months for my review. Stay cool this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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