Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Competitors commune, awesome afternoon

With social media and the internet, communication is mind-blowing compared to just a few years ago. The morning meteorologists here in Dayton often chat back and forth, but with our busy schedules we rarely get a chance to meet in person. On a whim we all had yesterday free and we got together for lunch. It was great to chat and catch-up in person over a pizza. The time flew by and before we knew it, it was almost time for bed since most of us had been up since 1:30AM. We had to get a picture with all of us together: me, Jessica Heffner, Tara Hastings, and Rich Wirdzek. Lot of fun and laughs.

I rode my moped home and the long slight incline on one of the roads home really heated up my moped. I topped out at 433 degrees on my cylinder head. The timing is set borderline aggressive, but still within a safe limit for normal riding. I didn't even get close to 400 on my way there. Once I noticed I was so hot, I cooled it down and luckily no issues. When I see 380 or hotter I start to worry. I don't want a Polini paperweight. I have new crankshaft needle bearings for both my Polini and Metrakit so I may clean up the cylinders a little when I replace those. I am sure there is a little aluminum smear that my muriatic acid would love to dissolve.

Anyway, got home safe and then it was time to make dinner. We needed to get rid of hot dog buns so I fired up the grill. Not really a filling food, but I had a late lunch anyway. Dawn and I then went to TJ Maxx to find her an Indians shirt for the Indians-Reds game later today and then to Home Depot to get paint samples for one of the bedrooms we are getting ready to paint. We finally went to a swim meet with Dawn's cousins. Talk about craziness...we take a few minutes to relax only to realize one of the kids had seconds to be on the platform for the next race...which he won. Lot of fun yesterday, but I am TOTALLY taking a nap before heading to Cincinnati later today.

Today is going to be faaaaaantastic! We will see nearly wall-to-wall sunshine with highs in the mid 70's and low humidity. We bounce right back into the 80's with sunshine for the upcoming days with the humidity slowly climbing heading into the weekend with more clouds by Sunday. Rain looks to hold off until early next week as we deal with temperatures near 90. Enjoy the great weather on the way and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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