Thursday, June 7, 2012

Got a boat or pool? Got my number?

This weekend is looking like a GREAT weekend to hit the water. As much as you beg me to come with you, I have a lot planned this weekend. Saturday I have three soccer games in the morning and then a graduation party for a friend who has taken the 10 year plan for college. I HAVE to make sure I am there for my good pal Zack as he finally gets his degree. He has been taking a few classes here and there and working full time... lot of respect for his determination over the 10 years. Sunday my brother is graduation from Ohio State so I will be heading to Columbus for that. So that leaves me no time to hit the pool or water...but it sure will be warm enough to want to cool off.

Today we will see a weak trough of low pressure swing down to our north which may trigger an isolated light rain shower or two, but most of the area will be dealing with dry weather today. That will also push the high pressure from the U.P. of Michigan down to Northern Illinois. It will then move over us and then to the east and which will switch our winds to the southwest and really start warming things up this weekend. Plenty of sunshine for Friday and Saturday as we warm from 78 today to 82 Friday and then 85 Saturday. The humidity will also be increasing heading into the weekend and by Sunday and Monday we will top our temperatures near 90 with the heat index into the low 90's. Rain looks to slow down just a tad and arrive late Monday and remain around the area into Tuesday and Wednesday. Models right now are calling for close to an inch of rain... which we could really use. Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Lovely weather to drain the pond and replace some of the water after replacing some of the plants. The goldfish pond is self sustaining, but I help it along to keep it looking nice. Tomorrow we head South for a few weeks. Yep, I know it is even warmer down there, but it's a job and somebody's gotta do it. ;) I enjoy your blog and will keep reading and posting to my own, but may not have connections quite as often. I can't seem to find those Verizon towers out at sea and the satellite is SOOO slow!


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