Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun family weekend, Dry week ahead...kinda

My sister visited Friday and Saturday and we rebuilt the moped for her. She helped with the cleaning and assembly and by Saturday evening we were both riding the moped around the block. She was a great help in the garage and we figured up from the tear down to full assembly it took about 15 hours for the rebuild...including the motor. I will have a full write up tomorrow with PLENTY of photos of the rebuild so check back for that tomorrow. We did take a break Saturday to play a little disc golf. Sometimes taking a step away from a project is the only way to keep going at a good pace. We went back home Sunday for my brother's graduation from Arcanum High School. He will be the fourth of us boys to go to Ohio State... as for Amanda... she doesn't know yet. During the family photos the four of us got together for an OHIO photo. Congrats to Marcus and best of luck at Ohio State. The weekend seemed like it was five days long with so much going on, but I still think a nap is in order later today to catch up on sleep.

The temps were a little cool this weekend, especially Friday night when I had to close the windows around the house. We are back to seasonal temperatures for much of the week ahead. There is a slight chance for rain the next few days, but only a VERY slight chance. There is a cold front in the Plains that is weak and not moving much. A warm front off of that cuts off toward St. Louis. The rain showers are riding in front of the frontal system and we are getting the over-spray. Kinda like driving down the road and the car in front of you shoots windshield wiper fluid and it sprays over their car and onto your car. We will be getting that over-spray. Only enough to leave a little rain here and there. So keep the garden watered because other than the spotty light decent chance for rain for the week ahead. We will top out at 76 today, 70 tomorrow (behind the weak front) and then slowly warming up in the upper 70's by the end of the week and 80's for next weekend. The chance for rain next weekend is looking very get those pool passes handy! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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