Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dam riding & new idea

Yesterday was cut short after work because I had to stay to monitor the radar in case any storms developed. Luckily things stayed quiet, but still stayed at work a couple hours later than normal. After mowing the grass, paying bills, doing dishes... I barely had much time left in the day. I did ride over to Moped Monday and we rode around a little bit. We stopped by the low dam between West Carrollton and Moraine. Nice little spot to get away and hear the rushing water. I think the spark plug was getting a little fouled from running rich with temps near 90.

For the tuning/mechanical nerds:
Only a few more rides left until the new intake set-up. I have been running with the 15 Bing because of the high velocity intake design of the Polini, but I had an idea... Keep the same two petal reeds, throw on a four petal reed block (without the four petal reeds), and then fabricate an intake to run my 20 PHBG. The best part is... I only needed to buy the conduit for the intake, which was only like $10, already bent. I already have the other parts. I want to see what the set-up will be able to do for me. I have hopes that the PHBG will add extra torque off the line so I can up-gear one tooth on the front sprocket so I can run 16x40 instead. This will also keep my RPMs down a little bit because I feel like it is screaming over 10,000 RPM after the MLM pipe's powerband hits. I have been wanting to get a tach and I think that may be happening soon... Just want to make it a temporary tach so it can float between bikes for tuning purposes.

I came home last night around 7PM and I was soaked in sweat from riding. Yesterday was definitely hot, but the next few days...even hotter...and more humid. High today 91, 93 tomorrow, and then 91 Thursday as the sunshine gives way to more clouds. A weak cold front will approach for Thursday evening with a chance for rain. This will cool us off into the mid 80's for the weekend with lower humidity and dry conditions until Sunday night into Monday when more rain is possibly on the docket. Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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