Friday, February 18, 2011

Wrenchin Kinda Day

Since I had to stick around the house today so the cable/internet guys could work...(still wont be til next week til it's installed, so kinda wondering if this was a good choice)...I decided to work on my moped.  I bought a mag dash, Dashboard for a Puch Magnum, a while back in hopes of mounting it on my Maxi.  Well with nothing to do around the house today except watch Planet Earth, I decided to tackle this task.  It really was not a super difficult task, but took a while due to the modifications.  The threaded bolt holes in the frame were about half an inch further apart compared to the dash.  I had to Dremel the bolt holes on the dash out a little bit (without making the dash look like crap), toss four washers under the metal frame of the dash so the bolts held, grind down the old handlebar clamp to account for the newly added space of the dash/washers, and then bolt it back on.  The wires ran through holes in the dash, so I had to take them all off and reconnect them, I can see my friend KZ cringing to the thought of that since he fears messing with cables and wires.  When I put the headlight back on, I noticed something I should have worried about a little more.
The speedo wire was at a slight angle.  Had it been an electrical wire no problem, but since it is a rapidly spinning wire to let you know how fast you are busted about two blocks into the test drive.  So I will need to move the headlight out a little bit and replace the speedo wire.  I will just have to eyeball my speed or rely on GPS for the time being.  I honestly could probably go and replace all the wires to be honest, they are 31 years old....hahaha.  Speaking of which, I want to get new chains as well.  Anyway, got the new dash mounted and now have to fix more stuff...silly mopeds.  I also thought about installing a kill switch in the opening on the dash as well, and debating on how else to pimp out the dash.  I like the stock look of the bars/seat and liked the idea of adding the dash to the kitted bike.  I'm out, have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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