Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on coming storm

I first have to start this off and tell you how horrible I feel.  Last night Buckeye was whimpering to go outside in the middle of the night while it was raining, so I let him out.  He normally is outside for three or four minutes when it is dry and only a minute tops when it is raining.  Well I waited around until he barked for me to let him come back in and after five minutes or so I decided I would wait to hear him bark from the bedroom since it is against the back of the house.  Well I fell asleep and he was outside for about twenty minutes and I felt horrible because even though temperatures didn't fall below freezing last night, Buckeye was very cold.  I feel horrible.  It is a good thing our roof hangs out three feet, otherwise he would have been really soaked....regardless though, I feel really bad and plan on spoiling him today since it is my day off and I got a lot of chores to do around the house.

Now on to the next system.  The lower two thirds of the area will start out as rain, and the Northern part of the area may see it start out as sleet/freezing rain and quickly change over to snow.  Yesterday I was calling for 4-6" for the Northern fringe of the Miami Valley, but that may be a little closer to 5-7"+.  The further south you live the less you will see, but we will see a brief transition from rain to freezing rain back to snow.  The roadways will be pretty bad Friday morning.  Much of the north may see 3-5", with again, the far north seeing the 5-7"+, such as Mercer and Auglaize Counties.  The central and Southern portions of the area will see 1-3", and the far south may be lucky to get a dusting.  The switch over will start around midnight for the north and slowly make its way south throughout the overnight hours and nearly everyone should see the transition over to snow by daybreak.  The snowfall will continue through the morning hours and start tapering off midday tomorrow.  This is a lot like what we saw Monday-Tuesday, but more moisture and slightly colder temperatures.  Be careful out there and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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