Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Weatherperson's Day!

It is very flattering getting a basket of cookies;  especially if one of them looks like me.  Cookies By Design got the weather team a basket of cookies for National Happy Weatherperson's Day.  I have not broken into them yet because since today is the holiday, I have to save the basket to show it on-air and thank them... so if you missed the newscast, Cookies by Design, thanks!!!  (Apparently they forgot I was trying to trim back a little for the wedding in less than six months....yikes!)  I can also tell that they were hoping for spring because my cookie figure does not have a sweater vest on....meaning it had to be at least 50 degrees or warmer.  Good thinking!

After a pretty average snowfall for January, 10.2 inches compared to 9.8 average, February is starting off to be quite a snowy one.  We saw a few inches around the area today, the heaviest to the north.  That makes our second system of the month so far, and we have another one on the way for Monday.  The system on Monday will bring a slight chance for a wintry mix for the southern Miami Valley and a couple of inches for the rest of the area.  The far north could see 1-3"; the central part of the area along I-70  or near it could see around 2-4"; and the far south may only see 1-3" with the wintry mix cutting back on their snowfall totals.  The latest models show that we may be a little more on the lower end of those ranges.  The higher end of the ranges may be possible, just not as likely.  I will check back in tomorrow and give you an update.  After that, temperatures will fall into the single digits for lows the rest of the week and highs in the teens or lower twenties..... yuck.  I know I am not alone in this one, but I want spring!  Keep warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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