Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whew, time for a break

So the sun was shinning and this may have read a LITTLE warmer than the actual air temperature, but still, its was BEAUTIFUL outside today...

The last few days seem to blur together......just go, go, go.  I have a few stories that are in the works.  We are in Moraine for It's Where You Live this week and next week is Where You Work.  I think that my story that is airing for Where You Work week will be one of the better stories I have ever put together.  We are highlighting professions where people have worked in the same job for a long time, and what better profession for that than the job that makes up about 75% of the land area in the Miami Valley....farming.  I talked to a few local farmers and it should be pretty good....funny in parts.  The week after that we are doing Englewood, so I got some fun stories lined up...and of course some food.

I will be wrapping up my week of work here in less than an hour and I will be "off" the next few days, but AT&T is coming Thursday afternoon and Buckeye goes to the groomer on Friday.  It looks like the showers tomorrow will be widely scattered and it will be dry most of the I will be out breaking in my new engine on the moped as much as I can, it needs about 300 miles of very careful driving, and so far, I have only rode it about 20 miles, so 280 left.  Friday will be warm as well, but it looks to be slightly wetter.  Either way, you can't complain about the weather today and for the next two days.  I know the little time I was outside working today, I was like, "Man, this is the weather I love!"  I know Dawn and I are making homemade pizza today for dinner, maybe I can talk her into eating outside or playing a little game of corn hole afterward in the front yard.  Hope you can get out there and enjoy some of the great weather as well...have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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