Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Day for a Moped Ride

Well after working 4 hours on my day off, no better way to enjoy the precious time in the late afternoon than a cool moped ride around the neighborhood.  It was my first time "testing" out the motor since I did the rebuild.  I need to ride it carefully for a while because the new cylinder needs to be broken in properly...ya just can't get on there and go full blast, otherwise you will blow it up.  I didn't get a chance to really open it up and run full throttle for a long time, but the short time I did, I could really feel the difference in power compared to the old motor.  I am really excited to get it out and ride more often.  As for the temperatures being in the mid 20's, well it wasn't honestly that cold.  My hands were the worst part, but that was cause I got them snowy trying to take the picture.  Well, I take that back, that was bad, but my helmet fogging up was a real pain in the rear.  I either had to open it up to see clearly to let the fog go away, or drive with it foggy... I mixed it up, but with it face would freeze on a long ride.

More snow likely on Friday night into Saturday, but that is only looking like 1-2" for the most part, so not a lot.  The system, Sunday night into Monday, will be interesting because temperatures will be near freezing again and it will have a decent amount of moisture.  Not nearly as much as our last system, but it will have enough to cause problems possibly, so it will need to be watched closely.  Well time to start dinner.  I hope you all are keeping warm, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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