Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eating my words

Two nights ago I turned over to Dawn and said, "We have been lucky and haven't really gotten too sick this winter."  She doesn't look at me at first, she turns over and knocks on the end table...then she turns at me and scolds me, "Why. Wh- Why? Why would you say such a thing?"  I smile and knock on a dresser on the way to the restroom.  Well low and behold midday Friday I start feeling sick.  I spent 13 hours in bed last night and all I want to do is go back to bed now.  I have had my hot tea with me last night and this morning and already taken my share of vitamins, Airborne, and cold medicine... Now I sit here with the biggest coffee mug I could find, drinking my hot tea remedy, and blogging.  Dawn is not feeling as bad as what I am, but she just left for Cleveland for a bridal shower for her next door neighbor... It's just Buckeye and myself...I could mention something about his health, but I wouldn't want to jinx him...

I did accomplish something awesome earlier today.  There are less than a handful of moped parts dealers, and I normally get mine through Treatland...their shipping is freakishly fast and their prices are very competitive, and will even price match competitors prices.  As you may recall, I had to buy a decent amount of parts a short time ago to rebuild my e50 engine.  Treats has this awesome new addition called Club Taco.  You buy parts and for every dollar you spend, you get a taco.  You can later turn in twenty tacos for a free dollar towards a future purchase....pretty simple.  Remember how I busted my speedometer cable a week ago...well I was able to order a new one with shipping and pay for it with tacos.... Awesome!  The owner or Treatland, Benji, may be a bit quirky and mentally stuck in the late 70's or early 80's, but he is an awesome business man...rumors even have surfaced that he will run to the post office in his bathrobe to ship out your parts.

On to the weather:  The forecast held pretty solid with the last system of rain and snow.  Here at home we have seen over three inches of rain in the last week alone, and another couple of inches are expected Monday.  It is likely to start late Sunday night and pick up in intensity off and on through the day on Monday.  Some of the forecast models are showing close to 3 inches possible in some spots and the ground is already very saturated.  Localized flooding will likely be a problem for Monday into early Tuesday, not to mention a few strong, possibly severe, storms with embedded lightning and thunder.  A light snow may form on the back side of this rain for early Tuesday, so we, again, could see slick roads.  Here is the good news, cause I always love to end on good news....temperatures will get above freezing every afternoon for the next week, so the snow should not stick around for long....slow and steady melting, just watch out for refreezing at night.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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