Monday, February 21, 2011

Internet/Cable Out...Thanks Ice

Thank technology for allowing me to post via my phone.

The weather station here at home topped out at 51.4 degrees just after 6AM. The rain has been pretty constant throughout the day. Before the weather station went offline, thanks to the freezing rain, we had 1.60 inches of rain the last 24 hours...again obviously before the freezing rain.  The Northern part of the area has seen much cooler temps through the day leading to earlier and more ice.  That has switched over to snow as well with some locations seeing a few inches of snow. Here in Dayton we are still seeing the freezing rain and the moisture is almost out of here.  We may see a dusting or up to an inch of snow, but the best chances for the snow will be further north through the night.

Roadways will be horrible in the morning so be careful.  Obviously that means one thing...I will be out reporting on the conditions, so I gotta get going.  It looks like an almost identical situation Thursday with falling temps early Friday morning.  I will update this tomorrow when I can get my hands on some high speed internet, until then travel safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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