Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Day...More On The Way.

Well with temperatures in the upper 40's today and only thin upper level clouds through the afternoon before clearing skies this would almost have thought today was April.  Maybe even June after the last few frigid weeks we have seen.  We will cool down a little tomorrow, but at least remain mild in the lower 40's.  Another weak system will scoot by just to our north so the Northern counties might see a quick passing isolated rain shower tomorrow morning, but almost all of us will remain dry for the start of the workweek.  Speaking of rain showers and staying mild...tonight we may have our first above freezing night since mid January, two thumbs up!  Much warmer air will arrive for later in the week, but light scattered rain showers will be around for later Wednesday through Thursday and becoming a little more numerous on Friday.  However with temperatures getting at least into the mid 50's...I will take it for my days off this week.

It might be hard to try and think of things to do with the chances for it raining, but I am hoping to find a few dry spells for a few extended moped rides...only problem is that my days are booked.  Working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...then Thursday we are switching cable and internet providers, and Friday Buckeye has to go to the groomer.  Come to think of it, last time he went to the groomer it dog?!?!  Not only that, but I want to get my taxes done sometime this week.  I already did a rough calculation on scratch paper just to make sure it all looked right, but I still need to do it for real.  The good news is that I should get a little back because I always have them take out more than they should, but the funny thing is that I could have had that $$$ in my pocket (or put towards the wedding) a month ago if I was on the ball... Oh well, the one thing I procrastinate in I guess, but at least not as bad as some people I know.  Anyway, busy week for me ahead, but I will jump on here from time to time.  Enjoy the warm week ahead and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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