Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow won't stick

There has been a light snow through much of the day here where I live, but with temperatures remaining just above freezing all day long, nothing will stick on the road or grass.  The weather station at home only dropped to 33.6°F  There was a brief period this morning where it started to stick, but that was because it was falling too fast for the snow to melt....but with time it finally did melt. Basically it has been a pretty dreary day.  Light snow falling....watery, slushy roads, but at least the winds have been fairly calm.  Still looking at very cold temperatures moving in starting tonight, so watch out for refreezing roadways.  The very cold air will last through the rest of the week, and when I say very cold, I am talking about with chills below zero....BUT I do have good news on the way.... The forecast models have all been pretty consistently showing us getting into the 40's for early next week.

Grab the extra comforter and the pair of long johns and stay warm later this week...until we meet again, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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