Saturday, February 12, 2011

My friend wrote a book

While I know a lot of my friends have skills that would surprise me, one of my friends absolutely floored me.  I will not release any names or any specific details for their privacy, but I am going to try to explain how reading the story has changed me.  I also must add that he has no plans of publishing the book, but was only written for close friends and family to help them understand what he has went through and then he said he is going to "bury it and be done."

He had went through a very tough break up with someone who he loved more than I have ever seen anyone love.  Imagine the love in The Notebook, yea I know you have seen it, but multiply that love by ten.  Now imagine a break up in the worst possible scenario.  That is basically what he went through and over the last few years he has poured his thoughts, memories, and emotions into this story.  I received a copy of it today and I literally could not put it down.  The memories where short just like memories are.  The love was true like love was meant to be.  There were times when he was remembering the good times and I actually laughed out loud during several of the memories, which made the heartbreak so much worse.  The heartbreak was so real you felt that lump in your throat start to grow.  While it has been extremely hard for him to get over the situation and we as friends have tried to help; this book does justice into explaining the thoughts he had felt and why he feels the way he does.

I stopped reading it at one point to call Dawn several times until she finally answered (her and her mom were bridesmaids' dress shopping).  I called until she finally answered, but she sounded busy and she asked if she could call right back, I told her no worries, I only called to tell her how much I loved her.  That is how much of a great book this is.  While I may hold Dawn a little closer while watching The Notebook or other "chick flicks" nothing has ever compelled me to show my love for her like his book.

He goes through ways that he could have done more to show his love and possibly still be with her.  He talks about feeling the end coming.  While never releasing any real details that would be mean or below the belt, you felt like you were there with him through the situation.  He uses analogies to help get out what words may have a hard time doing justice.  It was superbly written and had it not have been his heart poured out and vulnerable, I would highly recommend publishing it, but fully understand his reservation.

So I hope you tell your friends and family you love them the next time you see them.  You never know when may be the last time you get to see them and spend time with them; so make every moment count and soak it in.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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