Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

I may not be eating for a few days.  Everyone on the weekend staff brought in some sort of tailgating staple and I am currently stuffed!  I personally brought in some cheesy salsa dip, but there are pies, pizza rolls, candy, sausage, crackers, chips, and dips....and the list goes on...  I feel bad not trying someone's special dip, and it is so hard not to love them all....  It is currently halftime and it's a decent game so far, but Packers have been owning the green.

We are still looking at a chance for snow tonight and tomorrow, but only thinking about 1-2" now because there is not a lot of moisture and by the time the southern system and the north system collide, it will be a little off to the east.... so the western counties may only see a dusting up to 1".  Regardless it will be enough to coat the ground and cause slick spots...along with the refreezing roads.  A lot of the back county roads are ice packed from last weeks storm.  We did get above freezing today, so there should have been a little watery layer form between the pavement and the ice... so if you got a shovel or blade underneath of it, you might have been able to scrape some of it off.  However, when the temps fall overnight the new ice will adhere to the surface and be just as hard to get off as before, if not worse.   So best of luck getting the ice off.  Make sure to travel safe out there, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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