Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl Football & Forecast

If anyone was able to watch the news this morning, Jon Scott, our morning producer did a story on the Ada, OH Wilson football factory.  Jon was the sports director at my last station in Lima and he had done the story in the past and he called up there again and lined up the story once again.  I was lucky enough that he asked me if I wanted to go along and shoot the video for him.  It was amazing that all of the balls are made by hand and not machines.  Each ball is inspected several times and it is quite a sight to see these 60 people making footballs for the Superbowl in such a fast pace.  Of course they make thousands of other footballs, but each football is stamped with the teams playing in the big game as well as the current Lombardi logo of the Superbowl.  It was quite the experience and they were nice enough to give each of us Superbowl footballs to take home.

Well on to the weather.  Saturday morning we will see more snow move in from the southwest and we are still looking at a few inches...  Yesterday I was calling for 1-2", but I think we can bump that up to 2-3" of new snow by the time we reach Saturday night.  Sunday will be cold and dry, but Monday morning another system will move in.  We will be very near the freezing mark, so we could see the chance for more icing... we will have to wait until the time gets closer to give you a better idea, but if it stays all snow it could be another few inches.  Once that system moves out, VERY cold air will swing in for Tuesday and the rest of the week.  Low temperatures could likely be below zero with highs in the lower single digits.  One additional note, late next week, Thursday-Friday, another strong system will develop.  The last 12 hours of forecast models has this system sneaking by our south and dropping a lot of snow over the east coast.  If this system happens to swing north instead we will be in for quite a lot of snow....but right now it looks to avoid our area.  I will keep ya posted, but for the meantime only two systems for the next week or so.  Enjoy the sunshine and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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