Monday, April 30, 2012

Storms & Stainless Steel

This week is going to be a bit of a rumbler. We have several rounds of stormy weather for the week ahead. This morning we are already picking up a few storms. They are across the Northern Miami Valley and moving to the northeast around 30 miles per hour so they will be moving out of here through the next hour or two. More storms later today and they could be strong to severe later with strong winds and hail possible. The chances are rather low for severe storms, but there is still a slight chance. More storms tomorrow and to the south, but these storms are not as likely to be severe since they will be during the coolest part of the day.
I love stainless steel, it doesn't stain or rust. Haha, obviously. Well I did a check on my moped clutch. The oil smelt a little burnt and rightfully so because the new Motion Left Moped clutch brace was rubbing on the clutch bell a little. If you look at the outer ring you can see where it does not have the same finish as the rest of the brace. I also sanded down the clutch shoes just a little bit more so they engage slightly later and also will grab more surface area when they do. For having about four hundred miles on them so far... not to shabby and the aftermarket clutch shoes are holding up and haven't broken loose yet. I would LOVE to have a tachometer to see what kind of RPM's I am grabbing at and reaching at full speed. The other stainless steal advancement is my collar stays. I was rocking the plastic collar stays that come with the shirt, but finally broke down on eBay and found a great deal on a set of 5. No chance of these bad buys bending... and if they do, and that is a big if, I can easily straighten them back out. So far, I am loving them.

As mentioned, storms this morning, a break midday, and more storms later today. The storms later will have the threat for strong winds and hail, but only a slight chance. More storms tomorrow and then things slowly try to wrap up heading into the middle of the week with a lingering shower possible Wednesday. We dry out briefly before more storms later Friday and into next weekend. The reason the week will be so stormy is because the jet stream is sitting over Canada and not moving our wet weather away. Instead it will help keep storms moving through from the west through the week ahead and keep us warm. Today and tomorrow we will get into the upper 70's and then low-mid 80's for the middle and end of the week. We will slightly cool back off in the upper 70's for next weekend. We will see dry spells between the storms, but keep the umbrella handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Looks good here in Cincy now. I hope the weather isn't too nasty in a couple of hours so we can go to the wood store. :)


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