Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moped Monday, finally riding

Yesterday was a fantastic day. The weather could not have been better, well maybe a couple degrees warmer, but still great. I finally was able to ride my moped at Moped Monday since both bikes are done with the rebuild. I am still tuning the carb and clutch on the Maxi with the Polini so I rode my Magnum. I got a little scared because my temp gauge came in with a max temp of 434 degrees. That is crazy hot and reaching the point of smearing the aluminum piston, but luckily it was only for a couple seconds while climbing a hill. I really love the temperature gauge because I can easily tell when the motor is getting over worked and I need to back off and cool it off a bit. I also may down gear just a little bit to help with the hills around my neighborhood. Anyway we had a rather small group yesterday, but the walking tacos and the ride...amazing. We stopped by the mound in Miamisburg for a little photo-op before I had to head home to get up for work at 1:15AM. I did take my GoPro camera and got video of the riding. I can't wait to put the video on the computer and work on editing our trailer for the moped rally.

Today will be even warmer than yesterday. We will warm into the upper 70's today with scattered storms expected later tonight. Some of the storms could be strong to severe due to the warmth to help fuel them as a warm front lifts through here. That will be followed by a cold front by early tomorrow cooling us off for the next few days. Early rain tomorrow pushing south, but cooler with a high of 63. The rain will park just to our south Thursday, but right now it looks like Opening Day for the Reds and Dragons will be dry, but cool with a high of 58. Slowly warming up for the end of the week and our next chance for rain will be early Easter, but the timing still is a little iffy. Ideally the rain would NOT be in the morning since there will be so many sunrise services. So rain tonight into early tomorrow and early Sunday... other than that mild temps and plenty of sunshine for us for the week ahead. Enjoy the warm temps today, stay alert for storms, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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