Friday, April 27, 2012

Browns' rich Richardson pick, Wet Weekend

The NFL Draft is a magical time. College players get their dreams to come true and make it into the NFL. However I was a little surprised at what the Browns gave up to move up one spot in the draft. The Vikings were sitting pretty in the No. 3 spot overall, but they were rumored to have a few trade offers on the table so other teams could get Trent Richardson from Alabama after Andrew Luck and RGIII go number 1 and 2. From what I understand the Vikings came to the Browns and tried to see if we could sweeten the pot compared to other offers. By offering a switch to get to No. 3 overall to No. 4 overall AND our offering fourth, fifth, and seventh round draft picks...we really showed that we wanted him. I am happy with the move because we need a solid running back since Hillis went running away...good thing he was healthy enough to run away. I am also happy we picked up a QB, Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State, with our 22nd pick later in the First Round, but I think we need a few other key positions. We already have Colt McCoy and it is interesting that we went for a QB that early. We need to draft a WR and OL pretty bad so I am excited to see what kind of progress we make today. Either way I am excited about this year's progress already... even though we are months away from pre-season.

The forecast is up and down for the days to come...well maybe down and up would be more fitting. Today we will remain dry with a high of 57 and sunshine slowly giving way to more clouds. Light rain showers arrive overnight into Saturday. The rain showers will be on and off for Saturday with the best chance for rain in the late afternoon into the early evening as the system starts to exit. There will be a few dry periods throughout the day so not a complete wash-out. I think for Saturday we will reach a high in the mid 50's and near 60 for Sunday with drier weather. Monday will be the nicest day for the week ahead with highs in the upper 60's and partly cloudy. Rain returns for Tuesday through Thursday with scattered showers and storms, BUT highs will be in the upper 70's. I will take that trade off. Keep the jacket handy this weekend and umbrella for Saturday and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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