Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy Reds Win, Cool Temps Coming

As I mentioned yesterday, almost every Reds game I try to go to it rains. Sure enough yesterday was much of the same, but the rain stayed light enough through about seven innings that they kept playing in the showers. Luckily there was no lightning. We were down by two runs heading into the seventh inning when the Reds scored four runs including Scott Rolen's first home run of the season. Dawn wanted to leave since I had to be up at 1AM for work, but I hate leaving if there is a chance for us to win. We did leave just before the final inning and driving home was pretty intense. There were a few strong and severe storms and we drove through some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven through. No hail, but crazy heavy downpours. I managed to get about 90 minutes of sleep. I even fell asleep putting on my shoes this morning. Quick stop at Speedway for a little caffeine and I am back at it. Just needed a little jump start. (I think I may schedule a nap for later this morning, after work)

There are a few morning showers and storms currently. They are moving their way across the Northern Miami Valley and will be out of here by this afternoon. There also is a little fog currently as the winds are switching. This afternoon we will have a little clearing and it will be breezy with temps in the 60's. There is a Freeze Watch already issued for some of the Northern Miami Valley for Friday morning. High of 56 for Friday with partly cloudy skies before rain showers arrive late Friday night into Saturday. Saturday will be chilly with a high of only 49 and on and off rain showers. We dry out by Sunday and slowly clear out heading into the start of the week. Monday morning will have a low near freezing, but that will be a hick-up in a warming trend: 57 for the high Sunday, 67 Monday, and then low-mid 70's for mid next week. Rain will return then as well, so at least a few dry days ahead. Back to the news... dealing with these storms. Stay dry this morning and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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