Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from Moped Rally

Always a great feeling when you finish a moped rally with no problems with your bike.  My bike rode great the entire time, with a minor scare on Saturday.  I ended up running SUPER hot coming up a mountain side south of Louisville.  I almost feel when I start going up hills or put an excess amount of pressure on the motor I get an air leak because the temperatures spikes fast and hard.  I was running about 250-275 consistently until the hill and then I hit 452 degrees....YIKES!  I immediately jumped off the bike and walked it, then rode it, then walked it, then rode it to finally get to the top and join the rest of the group for lunch.  I am pretty sure I have some minor smearing on the inside of the cylinder from the aluminum piston, which is good because it will fill in the low spots after my clean-up and seize a week ago.  I said this may be a good thing because riding back after our halfway stop the bike was running CRAZY awesome.
 Bike ran great the rest of Saturday and also on Sunday.  We crossed the river to get some ice cream and all of the Dayton riders still around took advantage of the location and got a picture of the five of us still there. Crossing the bridge I was running super fast once I got onto level ground and could actually open-up... and staying cooler than 300 degrees.  We had fourteen people total from Dayton go down, so we had a great showing. Only one of the guys broke down on a bike that has been reliable and never touched for ten years.  I am not sure the official count of all the mopeds, but my guess was easily over 200.  The Bandits always offer uncomparable hospitality and continue to make their moped rally my favorite.  Solid 80 miles of two wheeled smiles.
Temperatures were definitely cooler over the weekend, but sadly, not warming up a lot for the week ahead.  Today we will warm back into the mid 50's with partly cloudy skies and a chance for frost tonight with a low of 33.  Tomorrow we will warm into the upper 50's with a little more sunshine, but clouds return quickly on Wednesday with rain returning later in the day and into Thursday.  At least we will be in the 60's for the end of the week, but another cold front next weekend will cool us off again and bring more rain...right now looking like Saturday for that chance for rain.  So keep the jacket handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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