Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School talk, blog milestone, forecast changes

With the school year wrapping up, my school talks are starting to dwindle down as teachers try to get their needed content in the curriculum, but I was lucky enough to visit Favorite Hill Primary Elementary school in Piqua yesterday. I talked about the weather and my career to the third graders a few weeks ago, but yesterday I talked to the first and second grades. The students had great questions and even one of the teachers raised her hand to join in on the fun. It still amazes me how when one student ask a question how the other students cling to that yesterday's questions were a lot about weather balloons. I checked my schedule and only one other school is scheduled before the school year wraps up, but if there are any other schools out there interested, feel free to let me know!

After my blog yesterday I looked at the count and it was my 600th blog entry. That is crazy! I started this just as a way to daily keep track of my forecasts, happenings, thoughts, and jokes...but it seemed to have really taken off. I want to thank all my readers for following and leaving their comments. I love hearing back from all of you. Last week I actually copied my entire blog into Microsoft Office to see how many pages it would fill.... 450+ pages!! Craziness. So, again, thanks to all my loyal readers.

On to the weather... coming cold front is still slowing down... which is better news for us for the next few days. We look to stay dry until late Friday, maybe not even until the overnight hours into Saturday, will we see rain. So a mix of sun and clouds today, Thursday, and then more clouds by Friday with highs slowly warming up...68 today, 73 Thursday, and then 75 by Friday. Then the rain arrives, which will cool us off. Saturday scattered showers and storms so not a washout, but only a high near 60. We will start to dry out Sunday with a high in the mid-upper 50's and then warming up back into the 60's for the start of next week. The models have been hinting at a couple weak systems early-mid next week, but so far nothing that impresses me and nothing I would hold a candle to yet. So right now our only chance for rain will be late Friday, Saturday, and then maybe early Sunday. Wish it wasn't over the weekend, but at least it is another great reason to throw on some sweats, pick up some Chinese food, and catch up on movies on the DVR, haha. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Congrats on the 600 milestone! I continue to enjoy reading your blog. And, of course, your forecasts usually work for here, often two degrees warmer. ;)

    1. Thanks Lois! Glad you made the forecast modifications for your location just to our south!


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