Friday, February 10, 2012

Upping snowfall totals & moped project update

We will get to the forecast in just a bit... I wanted to drop a little update on my moped projects. I still need to rebuild both of my engines with new bearings and seals, but the other parts of the bikes are really coming along. My Puch Maxi is being powder coated currently and I hope to have it back any day now. I finished putting new sealed bearings in the wheels and I also have the disc brakes ready to go. The new forks are installed the Puch Magnum along with new bearings, but need to wait for the Maxi to finish the new suspension on there. Gotta love good finds on eBay. That is where I found out about the Versailles shop with the cheap hydraulic forks and also found these GPS mounts. I picked up a GREAT deal on the GPS from Craigslist a month ago. Since the speedometers are essentially useless because I go faster than they can go I am putting a GPS mount on the Mag Dash. The mounts are very high quality and meant for mountain bikes so they completely lock down the GPS from wanting to rattle free. I did have to do some modifications to make them work with the new forks, but their bolting configuration is VERY similar to the dash mounts. The big thing I am waiting on now, other than the Maxi back from powder coat, is Motion Left Mopeds coming out with a new three shoe clutch brace with all the hardware. I want to get that so I am not warping my clutches with RPMs getting over 8000. I will finish buttoning up the bodies until then and once the clutch braces are available in a couple weeks I will be able to rebuild the motors. I can't wait to finish my bikes and take them out for a little photo shoot when it warms up. (It is very nice only having two mopeds and not more...I can focus more on quality)

Alright...forecast time. The forecast models have been ramping up the moisture with the coming snow and upper level energy will also help enhance the snowfall totals a little bit. I expect the snow to arrive right around the evening commute, pick up in intensity toward midnight, then it quickly moves out of here overnight followed by stronger winds tomorrow and much colder air. Based on the latest information I am thinking 1-2+" of snow for areas south of I-70 and then 2-3+" north of I-70. Hopefully the road crews will be able to tackle the roads pretty well overnight; in case you have any early morning travels for Saturday. Watch out for blowing and drifting snow in the rural areas through the day tomorrow. We will be much colder tomorrow with a high of 23 and then 28 on Sunday. Next week temperatures will gradually warm and then light snow/wintry mix possible on Tuesday and then rain/wintry mix on Thursday as start seeing highs in the 40's again. Temperatures will play a huge part in what kind of precip we will see next week so I will keep you posted. Enjoy the winter wonderland and have a great weekend!

Andrew Buck Michael

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