Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow moving in

Wanted to crank out the blog before the snow completely covers the area and I get busy tracking the snow and road conditions. This image was from just before 4:30AM and the snow is building, but should be done and out of here by noon. I expect less than an inch for most of the area, but more snow on the way later Friday...maybe a few sprinkles as well since we will be getting into the upper 30's for the end of the week. That system will have less moisture, so less precip. That will blast cold air into the Midwest for the weekend with highs in the 20's, but we will slowly warm up next week near 40 by the middle of the week with a lot of moisture pumping up from the gulf... a situation we will need to keep a close eye on in the coming days. Stay safe out there this morning and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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