Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The North Wins Again

Sure enough, the north saw more snow, again. This winter has been quite a letdown if anyone is a fan of snow. Here in Dayton we have seen about a dusting so far, maaaaybe half an inch so far. As you can see in the webcam image I grabbed from Dayton ODOT camera (4:15AM) the roadways are just wet. However off to the north in Celina, thanks to Wabash Telephone, the roads are snow covered with about an inch of snow already. We still will see a little more snow through the morning with another half an inch possible, so the forecast will hold true from yesterday: Up to 1" south of I-70 and 1-2" for the north. I know I may be eating these words later, but I want one good snow storm. I want a healthy dumping of 6-8 inches of snow, but this winter the atmosphere just doesn't want to play along. Pardon the analogy, but the atmosphere has had a little too much cheese and can't squeeze anything out this winter.

Well as I said, we could see another half an inch of snow through the rest of the morning and then in the early afternoon we will warm up a little bit, high of 36, and get a very light wintry mix with rain mixing with the snow. The wintry mix will be light enough that it should not cause too many problems other than wet roadways. Temperatures will warm into the mid 40's for the rest of the week with rain Wednesday night into Thursday. Still mild Friday but cooler Saturday as we see a few flurries return and highs near 40 for most of the weekend, but more mild air returns next week. Stay safe on the roads and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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