Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun Valentine

Yesterday was a little grungy in the afternoon. Drizzle, temps just barely above freezing, but I still managed to have a great day. I found a great place to get my moped powder coated and I went to pick it up yesterday. I thought all the parts would be finished, but they still needed a part to finish my wheels...hopefully those will be ready in the coming days. Anyway, I was able to pick up my moped frame and all of my moped friends in Dayton are chomping at the bit to see what it looks like, so I took a teaser picture of just the swing arm and posted it to our site. I need to do some decal work and other wrenching before the bike is assembled, but I will be sure to share a photo of the before and after when it is finished. I also found a place in Franklin that sells AMSOIL Saber oil for my moped. 1977 Mopeds had a great blog entry getting to the cause of why so many people seize their Polini builds. The basic answer is that synthetic oils burn much hotter so when people are mixing as rich as 40:1 then the ring will expand and eventually the piston catches the exhaust port. Saber is meant to run 100:1, which seems crazily lean, but science and real-life testing doesn't lie. I spent the late afternoon putting the baffles back on the powdered exhaust pipes and while I was doing that, my GoPro arrived. With my tax refund I had enough money to pay off a credit card and get a little extra something for myself. That is the benefit of having Uncle Sam take out a little extra money each paycheck because nothing is worse than shelling out money come April 15th. I asked Dawn where she wanted to go for dinner and she picked BW3's...yea I picked the right wife! We had a lot of fun playing the trivia and enjoying our time together. I am taking her out to The Elevator in Columbus in a few weeks, so that will be our "romantic" dinner.

The drizzle and mild temps yesterday did help melt some of the snow and the mild temps the next few days will continue to melt any snow left. One thing that will help with the melting is the rain that will move in later tonight just after sunset. Rain showers overnight and tomorrow, but highs will remain in the mid 40's for the rest of the week and start of the weekend. By Sunday we will begin to cool off into the upper 30's and maybe even a flurry possible late Saturday as the cold front swings through, but not looking like any accumulation snow. Temps will warm back into the 40's next week so no accumulating snow for the near future. I am looking forward to the mild temps on the way. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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