Friday, February 24, 2012

Buckeye is home

I can't say that Buckeye likes wearing the cone, but it is a little tough love. Buckeye had his surgery yesterday to have two of his lumps removed. Everything went well with that, but now he has an 8 inch suture on his hind side that is stitched up. We took off the cone for a little bit last night and made sure he didn't try to twist around to tear out the stitches or mess with his wound. They also cleaned his teeth while he was knocked out and that turned out well too. Dawn and I could tell he was in pain from the surgery last night and when we tried putting the cone back on he really fought with us, but he eventually gave in. I am sure he feels confined in the cone, but we can't run the risk of him tearing out the stitches...because he did try to get to them when the cone was off last night. Poor guy, but at least it is all for the best. I fired up the grill last night and we had a few mini-steaks from the farm, and since he was behaving pretty well, we of course spoiled him with some of the tender pieces after the surgery.

Oh! I need YOUR help. We are having a little friendly competition at work. We all got new Facebook pages. To access mine you can click HERE. We are trying to see who the first two people are that can get to 1000 "Likes" Feel free to help me out and post to get more people to jump on board. Apparently a few other people are getting some "outside" help so I could use some help, myself. Thanks in advance!

Temperatures are cooler this morning, sitting in the mid 30's. We will see a few light rain showers changing over to a wintry mix this afternoon. Light snow showers will stick around on and off for parts of the area tonight into early tomorrow, but with the ground so warm I do not expect the snow to cause many problems since it will be melting. Saturday we will stay in the mid 30's for highs and then back in the mid 40's Sunday with more sunshine. Partly cloudy & near 50 Monday and then mid 50's for Tuesday and Wednesday with rain moving in late Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay safe on the roads tonight and have a good one! Don't forget about the Facebook page. Thanks!

Andrew Buck Michael

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