Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning storms...and is it spring yet?!

I was going through my moped photos yesterday for our website re-haul and I think I found my favorite photo. I took this photo next Carillon Park in Dayton when our group was young and just starting out. If you look closely at their smiles it really captures the fun that comes with riding a moped with the sun on your back. What a great day and great fun. It makes me VERY jealous because my bikes are still a few weeks away from being road-ready. Soon enough temperatures will be mild for good, and then I will start smelling like two-stroke smoke again....ahhhhhh. Haha.

This is going to be a pretty quick blog because we do have strong storms rolling through right now. The storms this morning likely woke up a few people out of their sleep. The storms will continue for the first half of the day and may contain some strong winds and even hail at times. They will start leaving the area through the mid-morning and the afternoon today will be windy and warm with a high near 64. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy and a little cooler, but still mild, 51. Friday we could have more severe weather as we reach a high of 64. We will cool off into the mid and lower 40's for high temperatures over the weekend with a few snowflakes possible, but warm temps return quickly next week. Keep an eye to the sky today and might as well turn on the news if you are awake this early. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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