Monday, February 13, 2012

Moped Friday Fun & More Snow Tonight

Friday turned out to be a little more fun than expected. I was helping rebuild one of my friends e50 moped motor and then the word spread that we were working on mopeds. After an hour or so the garage was filled with everyone antsy to get back out on two wheels. Rebuilding the motor turned out super fast and easy since it was my second rebuild... and I have to rebuild both of mine in the coming a great refresher for me. Had a lot of fun hanging out and talking about plans for the group for the upcoming year. We haven't had a Moped Monday in a few weeks because of the cold weather and everyone's bike in pieces for winter projects. We hung out in the garage through the afternoon and then everyone peaced out for their weekend preps. We had one of Dawn's childhood neighbors down for the weekend so I had to get cleaned up for that. We had a lot of fun this weekend and also got to watch Dawn's cousins play a couple basketball games with Centerville Hustle.

The snowy system that came last Friday arrived slightly earlier than expected. With temperatures still above freezing, the first half an inch of snow melted cutting down the snowfall totals and we saw generally between 1-2" of snow across the area. This winter has been very tricky for forecasting the snow. It seems that every time we get snow the models normally double the snowfall forecast that we actually see. The last couple systems I have been going with that trend and forecasting the low end of the forecasted range. That being said....more snow on the way for tonight. I think that areas south of I-70 could see up to 1" and areas north of I-70 will see 1-2". The snow will start around 9PM tonight and last into tomorrow. The "heaviest" of the snow will fall before daybreak tomorrow with only a few light snow showers tomorrow morning. With temperatures getting into the mid 30's tomorrow we could see a light wintry mix for the south tomorrow, but a lot of the moisture will be pulling out of here through the morning while it is still cold. We will deal with clouds and low 40's for Wednesday followed by rain Wednesday night into Thursday. Thursday will be the warmest day of the week, mid 40's, followed by cooler temps, near 40, for the end of the week and weekend. Stay warm out there this morning with wind chills in the teens. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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