Monday, February 20, 2012

Enjoy the sunshine today, rain on the way

Monday sure is starting off pretty cruddy. I left home a little early to grab a Powerade on my way into work. I also picked up a carton of half and half for the coffee for myself and my coworkers because you can never half enough of that around here on the morning show. Well after starting the newscast I went to get my first coffee and the seal was broken on the carton. Everyone said they hadn't touched it yet so I had to throw it bummer!

I also spent the weekend with no hot water until yesterday evening. Our water heater went out Friday afternoon conveniently timed because Dawn's mother and brother visited from Cleveland over the weekend. It was a lot of fun with them visiting, but taking a cold shower was not fun and Dawn and her family went to her cousin's for hot showers instead. I am just hoping all the bad luck is over with and the rest of the week will be much better, despite just tripping over my feet walking into the weather center....maybe that was because of my lack of morning caffeine, haha.

As the title eluded, we have rain on the way. Today will be another great day, just like we had over the weekend. We will have plenty of sunshine with a high of 42 today. Rain showers arrive mid-morning tomorrow and we will see on and off showers for your Tuesday with a high of 47. We will get into the low 50's Wednesday and Thursday with only a slight chance for rain those days. Out of Wednesday and Thursday I would think later Wednesday looks to be the best chance with a weak disturbance moving through. Friday will be wet as well with another cold front bringing cooler weather for the weekend. The rain on Friday may end as a wintry mix later in the day so I will keep a close eye on that. So, as the title said, enjoy the sunshine today because a wet week is on the way. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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