Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Man's best friend meets man's worst fear

I have blogged about my dog Buckeye a time or two, but this one is a little different. I mentioned how his nickname is Flawless despite him being nearly blind from birth due to severe cataracts and the fact that he has a tumor on his backside. We had to take Buckeye to a new vet after his paw was bothering him earlier this year. While we were there they gave us a price to remove his growing tumor near tail because it has nearly reached the size of a tennis ball. Surprisingly the surgery was about a third of the price as what we were quoted by another vet and while he is under they are going to clean his teeth. He will go under the knife tomorrow morning so I am happy I have nothing planned today other than some laundry and spend some time with him. I know he will do just fine, but it is still scary because when he has been put under before he takes longer than normal to come out of the anesthesia.

This morning will be a pretty nice morning with dry conditions and temperatures sitting in the mid-upper 30's for lows. This afternoon a few spotty showers may affect the Northern Miami Valley, but a decent part of the area will stay dry all day. We will get to a high of 50 today and 57 tomorrow! A little better chance for rain tomorrow, but then falling temps for Friday. Friday we will start out with a little spotty rain shower or two in the morning followed by a wintry mix as temperatures fall through the day. The ground will be so warm that any light snow that we see Friday night into Saturday will melt quickly. Cool on Saturday with a high in the mid 30's, but back into the 40's for Sunday with a wintry mix possible early next week. Enjoy the mild temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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