Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's outta the bag, It's my Birthday

I am normally not a person to flaunt my birthday, but Meghan Mongillo would not let my birthday go unannounced today. She was very sweet and brought in donuts for everyone along with a birthday plate, balloon, and napkin (which I am wearing for a pocket square). We had a little fun this morning at 4:30AM before the boss was watching and light the candles on the donut and I blew them out during the weather chat. Thanks Meghan! When I grew up, on our birthday we got to pick up the mail, answer the phone, pick dinner, and got a cake. We never received presents and I kinda liked it that way. Instead of looking forward to the presents we looked forward to day itself and the things it later curfews, haha.

I have another confession... I never know how to treat Groundhogs Day. I am not sure if people look forward to it or not since it is my birthday. Kinda like a few friends with birthdays on Christmas or other big holidays. Anyway I did a little research and the myth or legend behind Groundhogs Day goes back to Germany. Easterly winds from Siberia would bring dry, cold air with plenty of when the groundhog would see its shadow it would go back to hibernating more because the easterly winds would keep bringing cold winds. If the winds were from the west, the North Sea, then it would bring more moisture, milder temps, and when the groundhog came out of the hole it would not see its shadow because warmer winds are coming from the Sea. So there is a little science to the legend, but I am not sure how accurate Punxsutawney Phil really is here in America.

The weather looks really great again today. A little chilly this morning with current temps just barely above freezing. This afternoon more sunshine with highs in the low 50's and more of the same tomorrow. Rain showers arrive Saturday and a lingering shower or two on Sunday. We will then slowly cool off into the low 40's for next week along with more sunshine. Enjoy the sunny 50's while they are here. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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