Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Piqua school talk, thunderstorms returning

I talked to the third graders at the High Street Elementary in Piqua yesterday. The students were great and had questions that could have kept them there until today. Eventually one of the teachers gave them a limit of two more questions...but in my opinion that is the best when students have dozens of questions because the students are more engaged. I will be going back in a couple weeks to talk to the first and second graders. If you are interested in having me talk to your students' classes or maybe even a community group, I would be more than willing to come out and visit!

Yesterday was a fantastic day and I spent the evening in the garage working on mopeds when I finished my school talk. Today will be a little more cloudy, but temperatures will be near 50 again. Tonight thunderstorms will return to the area after midnight, but will pull off to the east of here through the morning tomorrow. The main threat for the storms will be strong winds and small hail. I may need to roll into the station a couple hours early to make sure my normal show is ready to go. We will be VERY warm for Leap Day tomorrow, high of 63. By the way, does anyone celebrate Leap Day...any festivities? Thursday will be a little cooler with a high of 50 and partly cloudy, then back to 59 Friday with showers returning later Friday into early Saturday. That will cool us back into the mid 40's for the weekend. Stay alert tonight and make sure to have your NOAA weather radio turned on tonight for the storms...until then though, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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